Simplifying Insurance Distribution

About Us

Kai Insure

Kai Insure is a platform designed to simplify insurance distribution.Our comprehensive digital platform optimizes the entire process, from application and underwriting to premium collection and policy issuance.

We offer cost-efficient solutions for Insurers and an intuitive insuretech platform that supports pre-underwritten products in Life, General and Medical Insurance.

Our platform supports all types of insurance, catering to both individual and SME clients. It is ideal for distribution partners such as banks, brokers, agents, as well as microinsurance and microfinance companies seeking to bundle insurance products.


Customized Insurance Programs

Kai Insure offers customized insurance programs that can be customized based on customer needs, in a matter of minutes.

100% Digital Distribution

Our platform is 100% digital, making it easy for customers to access and purchase insurance products online.

For Life, General and Medical Insurance

Our platform supports a variety of insurance products including Life, General, and Medical insurance.

Connect with us:

+971 522426809, +971 561798403 @ DIFC, Fintech Hive, Gate Avenue, Dubai, UAE   

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